It’s Play Time!

A huge THANK YOU to Pendleton Foundation Trust for their incredible support of Pioneer Relief Nursery.

In Fall of 2019, Pioneer Relief Nursery was the recipient of a Pendleton Foundation Trust grant. This grant provided the opportunity to make much needed and incredible improvements to our playground. With this grant, we purchased our first ever play structure! This incredible ship provides so many additional play opportunities for the children in our programs. Outdoor play is so crucial for the physical development of young children. Outdoor physical activity allows children the opportunity to use energy, imagination, and provides natural stress relief, providing increased opportunities for children to grow and learn.

This grant from Pendleton Foundation Trust has allowed us to increase the quality of our program and enhance the experiences for children at our center. We are so thankful for this incredible opportunity and look forward to seeing children use this playground for years to come!

To learn more about the amazing work that Pendleton Foundation Trust does in our community, visit their website and get involved today!

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