Home Visits and Respite

Home Visits

Parenting is hard! The staff at Pioneer Relief Nursery understand that it is hard to parent on a good day; when a family is experiencing high stress and a lack of support, the process of parenting is made even more difficult. Our home visiting program focuses on supporting parents as they navigate the stresses of life and parenting.

Our trained and caring staff partner with a family during home visits to address the individual needs of each family. During home visits, our staff can assist with a variety of needs:

  • Job Applications
  • Housing Applications
  • Budgeting
  • Nutritional Meal Planning
  • Parent Education
  • Referrals for Community Resources
  • Connection to GED/Diploma Programs
  • Connection to Higher Education Programs
  • Connection to Medical Services
  • Mental Health Referrals
  • Insurance
  • Child Development Screening
  • Referrals for Special Education Services
  • Connection to Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Respite & Outreach

Our Outreach Program serves families in our community who are interested in partnering with Pioneer Relief Nursery staff. The Outreach Coordinator at PRN provides a home visit monthly with families in our Outreach Program. During these home visits, our Outreach Coordinator works with the family to determine what support the family needs and assist in goal development to meet these needs. The Outreach Coordinator provides child development screening, parent education, referrals to community agencies at a parent’s request, and provides support through all steps to achieve the goals that a family sets.

Families in our Outreach Program are eligible for Respite Care for all children in their family who are not yet in kindergarten or a Therapeutic Class at Pioneer Relief Nursery. Respite care is a twice-weekly class where PRN staff work to help children meet their developmental milestones and build their social and emotional skills.

If you are interested in receiving home visits or being a part of our Outreach Program, please Apply for Services today!