Preschool Class

Our Preschool Class has a minimum age requirement of 3 years.  Once enrolled, preschoolers attend class 2 times per week for 3 hours per day.  A bus is available to transport within Pendleton (we’re working on outlying areas!) to and from PRN. The following items are key elements in Preschool Class:

  • Breakfast as a Group
  • Circle Time
  • Free Play
  • Outside Play
  • Positive Redirection
  • Educational Activity
  • Lunch as a Group

The Family Child Interventionist/Preschool Teacher (FCI) monitors each preschooler, their progress and creates developmentally appropriate goals for them.  These goals are communicated to the parent(s) regularly.

Home visits are a part of the Relief Nursery model and occur monthly at the preschool level.  The Preschool FCI will visit the home once a month to work with the family as a whole, develop goals and connect the family with applicable resources to relieve the stress they are experiencing.

Interested in our Preschool Class?  Click Program Application for more information!