Meet Our Staff

Libby Hoffman – Executive Director & Director of Childcare and Education

Chelsey Parker – Program Director & Sub-Director of Childcare and Education

Cheri Deist- Infant Teacher and Home Visitor

Makayla Brock – Preschool Teacher

Paige Laci – Outreach Coordinator

Samantha Hood – Toddler Teacher and Home Visitor

Sheila Holman – Preschool Teacher Aide

Ema Botts -Administrative Assistant

Cydney Lipscomb – Toddler Teacher Aide

Paige Richards – Toddler Teacher Aide

Alex Adams-Morton – Cook

Shaelynn Pelles – Infant Teacher Aide

Marychris Anthanasio – Toddler Teacher and Home Visitor

Caressa McAllister – Infant Teacher Aide

Sydney Earls – Preschool Teacher Aide

If you are interested in joining our team, view our open positions on our Careers page.