The Teacher Assistant offers support to the Classroom Teacher in creating and maintaining a safe and inviting classroom environment. The TA assists with the monitoring of classroom, the guidance of students, transportation, meal service, and housekeeping tasks.

Qualifications Preferred:

  • Education & Experience: High School Diploma or GED equivalent
  • Experience working with children in early childhood
  • Current Child First Aid/CPR and Food Handler’s card (may be obtained upon hire)
  • Valid Oregon Driver’s License; acceptable driving record and insurance coverage.
  • Enrollment in Oregon Background Registry.
  • Complete agency required training within 30 days of employment and ongoing as needed to remain compliant with Preschool Promise and the Oregon Office of Childcare requirements.

Specific Duties in the Classroom:

  • Assist teacher with classroom and child goals and in setting limits for children.
  • Participate actively in circle time (i.e. sit on the floor, clap hands, sing songs, etc.)
  • Participate actively on the playground.
  • Assist with diaper changing and taking children to the restroom.
  • Prepare nutritious meals as indicated on menus, as needed
  • Assist with meals (i.e. help children wash hands, return dishes, clean up)
  • Be aware and actively present to support children in choice-making and problem-solving.


If assigned driving duties:

  • Participate in safety training related to the transportation of children
  • Provide authorization to obtain valid DMV records annually
  • Perform vehicle safety inspections daily
  • Maintain accurate safety inspection records
  • Operate vehicle for student pick-up following assigned route and adhering to all local, state, and federal laws regarding the operation of a motor vehicle.
  • Maintain a log of pick-up and drop-off times for children
  • Complete a safety check of the vehicle after all children have exited to ensure no children remain on the vehicle.

If assigned bus support duties:

  • Accompany vehicle driver on route to pick-up children
    • Complete attendance upon pick-up and drop-off, including times
    • Assist children in safely getting on the vehicle
    • Secure children in age and size-appropriate safety car seat
    • Supervise children during transport to ensure safety and comfort
    • Maintain mental record of the number of children in care at any time
    • Assist children with exiting the vehicle at the center and/or home, ensuring all children are within the sight of a staff member at all times
    • Complete a safety check of the vehicle after all children have exited to ensure no children remain on the vehicle.

Other Related Duties:

  • Communicate with staff about routines, events, problems, family concerns, and center maintenance needs to support a team approach.
    • Work cooperatively with Preschool Promise staff, volunteers, and community partners to support the mission of keeping children safe and strengthening children and families.
    • Janitorial work to maintain cleanliness in the classroom and common areas, such as kitchen and bathrooms, at all times.
    • Participate in staff meetings
    • Participate in professional development as required to meet Preschool Promise requirements and personal Professional Development goals.
    • Follow established standards, policies, and procedures of PRN.
    • Maintain confidentiality with clients.
    • Play an active role in the development of a personal Professional Development Plan
    • Participate in training related to Mandatory Reporting of child abuse or neglect.
    • Make child abuse or neglect reports as necessary, including appropriate documentation. Supervisors are available to assist in this process.
    • Engage in other aspects of Preschool Promise functions as directed by supervisor.

Salary: $13/hr. – $16/hr. – Based on Education/Experience

Schedule: Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Schedule may vary based on assigned duties.

Reports to: Executive Director

This institution is an Equal Opportunity Provider.